Over 25 years, Associate Professor Tonia Gray has a sustained record of excellence and scholarly contribution to the tertiary teaching and learning landscape. The cornerstone of her teaching philosophy is Experience-Based Learning (EBL), a highly individualised technique for reflective instruction. Next generation teachers are placed in authentic learning settings and then guided through carefully structured reflection so they not only learn from experience, but also develop robust skills for self-examination and critique. These attributes form the basis of lifelong learning and are integral to students’ careers beyond university. Although unconventional, EBL is the signature of Tonia’s multi-award winning pedagogy. Immersive, high-energy group interactions, punctuated by problem-solving activities, storytelling, active listening and reciprocal respect, are the modus operandi of Tonia’s work. This collaborative, introspective teaching method demands a supportive, safe and stimulating environment imbued with risk-taking and vulnerability, by teacher and student alike. Her expertise and reputation resulted in Tonia being a NSW and Australian national curriculum consultant. With an unwavering commitment to enhancing the quality of teaching and learning, Tonia’s passion and innovation have made a longstanding contribution.

For more information on her teaching efforts, go to the following pages:
Outdoor education
Student journals
Student video project
Teaching awards
Teaching philosophy (video and slide show)

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