Anonymous feedback

Tonia Gray is an inspiring woman and teacher! Throughout my years at UOW studying PDHPE, and especially in my 4th and final year I have admired Tonia’s absolute enthusiasm and originality in class. Tonia has a great teaching style that deeply involves everyone in class, stretching our thinking patterns to all new levels. Tonia’s deep content knowledge is so impressive, and her passion flows through her and into us.
— UOW student, 2006

She is an incredible lecturer that connects to her students. She has a genuine interest in every student and encourages us all to do better. She goes above and beyond … and makes us all look forward to going to class.
— UOW student, 2007

Tonia’s knowledge is outstanding. Not only is her knowledge outstanding but her ability to convey to her students all of her knowledge is second to none. Additionally, the care she shows for student learning and welfare is her greatest asset. She genuinely cares for her students (not just their learning) and makes a real effort to get to know her students and that is the greatest attribute and contribution to teaching and learning.
— UOW student 2009

Tonia’s enthusiasm and passion for teaching (especially outdoor education) is outstanding. She had learnt half our year’s names (PDHPE) within the first two weeks of session back in 2005. Since then she has made it her responsibility to get to know each student and teach to their individual style.  She has influenced our whole Outdoor ed class to respect and value the land. Her depth of knowledge is evident with every lecture and tutorial.  I could not say enough kind words about Tonia’s ability to relate to the students and teach the subjects she does.
— UOW student, 2008

Tonia puts in 110% in every class that she teaches.  In the past subjects that I have undertaken in the previous 4 years she has endeavoured to share her knowledge with all students in which she comes into contact with. More recently Tonia has developed our outdoor education class into high performing leaders, allowing us to learn different methods of teaching and instilling a bond within a class that we will carry into our future careers and other paths.
— UOW student, 2008

She is the only lecturer who has made a real effort and taken a true personal interest in the lives of EACH of her students. She is extremely approachable, knowledgeable, and creative in the ways she teaches … a very different approach to teaching which has brought about the best responses from students in their desires to achieve!
— UOW student, 2008

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