Current anonymous feedback

Evaluationscores“This was the most valuable class I have ever had because this teacher was amazing”.

“Excellent ability to get the class engaged and contributing to the class”.

“Energetic and upbeat, better than the other lecturers. Her class was a pleasure”.

“I loved her enthusiastic and knowledgeable style, and great personal warmth, very organised too”.

“Her lessons were fun and I looked forward to it the most out of any class each week”.

“Best teacher ever, great ideas for teaching. Amazing and engaging lectures”.

“The hands on activity, the way it was taught made me reflect what it’s about and the delivery hit home”.

“The learning activities (both lectures and tutorials) were structured brilliantly. I was surprised to find exactly how much the learning in this unit has transformed my personal world view”.

“Discovering new styles of learning, different from what I have been taught at school. Allowed me to reach out of my comfort zone and open up with people I barely know”.

“The course really got me to think about how teachers act / teach and showed where there needs to be change. This has enabled me to think about how to become a better teacher”.

“Very interesting, unique, different.Was a transformative experience and gave me ideas to reflect upon what type of teacher I want to be”.

“Highly relatable and enjoyable. We were encouraged to reflect on our own experiences – my favourite subject so far”.

“The unit gave great life lessons and allowed for better understanding of how, as a teacher, we can better our teaching practices we may adopt”.

“Lots of communication. Personal as well as practical. Enabled us to embed our own perceptions and ideas in our learning. Provoked thought and transformation”.

“I loved the way this course discussed transformations from the perspectives of ourselves, future students and teachers”.

“That I was made to feel a part of it all. I felt my contributions were valued and respected”.

“This is the best class …  knew our names personally, and I had the opportunity to learn everyone else’s name”.

“Completely different approach, very personal, involving, engaging and transformative”.

“The reality of life connected to theory. Very interactive”.

“This unit has been amazing. I have learned so much about myself and the type of person I am, and why. This unit was honestly been the only thing that kept me sane this semester. The teacher is fantastic!”

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