Student Video Project

“Young, Fast and Dead” Assignment details

Design a novel and innovative 3-minute advertising campaign to reduce P-Plater deaths appealing to the adolescent market. Keep a journal using Kolb’s Reflective Cycle to highlight your learning trajectory.

This assignment exceeded my wildest expectations. Using new media such as digital video brought relevance to the students’ own immersion in a field where they already felt at home. The whole class, without exception, produced creative and powerful campaigns. But one group went on to win the MAD Motion Pictures Short Film Festival (2008) with their assignment, a fantastic accolade and surprising validation of a creative approach to assessment tasks. These tasks foster independent learning as shown in the following comments:

Making the film definitely changed the way I look at road safety – when we viewed everyone’s films in class it was quite a wake up call,” and “You sort of looked at the different films and thought – ‘I do that’ to all the bad things, so it made you really think about how you drive.

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